TJS WAY TRUST providing support and funding for extra curricular activities for children in need. The Trust aims to help foster and promote the participation of children in sport, music, dance and the arts. The Trust offers parents/guardians full or partial financial support in meeting fees and other associated costs. 

TJS WAY TRUST was set  up by the family of the late Teresa Jayne Maxwell who died as  a result of a road accident in Australia on 25th November 2006. Teresa was a gymnast and coach of Southern Gymnastics Academy. Teresa was not an elite gymnast, but she constantly strived to do her best as an athlete and coach.

Applicants must be enrolled, attending school regularly and aged between 5-18 years old. The applicant's immediate family must be unable to make payment of fees themselves.

Sponsorship is based on excellent attendance and is reviewed each term.  Sponsorship is also based on the financial position of the TJS WAY TRUST.

To apply for sponsorship please email 

TJS WAY TRUST ACCEPTS DONATIONS. We are a registered Charitable Trust with donee status. All donations are gratefully accepted. 100% of your donation goes to sponsoring a child. PLEASE EMAIL for more information